Our stories are powerful. Speak out about how gender inequality affects you and the people you care about. 

Every day in so many different ways, women are reminded that we are not treated as equals.

At work, we are often earn less than men and we receive fewer opportunities for promotion and insufficient leave all.


This gender pay gap translates into a superannuation gap that means many women face the daunting prospect of not having enough money for a dignified retirement.


The home environment is not a fair place either. We do a much greater share of unpaid household and caring work than our male partners.

And for a huge number of women the shadow of gendered violence is always present – at work, at home and when we are out in the community.


This is not okay. It must change. But we know the only way change ever happens is when we speak out and stand in solidarity as we demand action from our politicians and employers.

How does gender inequality affect you?​

Sharing your story will give other UWU members the courage to speak out too.