United Workers Union women want change. We do essential jobs our whole country depends on. We’re proud of our hard work and determined to be valued for it.

On average, women are paid thousands less per year than men. Too many women experience sexual harassment. Women of colour, different abilities and from LGBTIQ communities face even greater obstacles. 

We believe every woman deserves safety, equality and respect – at work, at home and everywhere in between. 

It’s time for real change. So, we’re asking you to join our campaign and take action.

 We’re coming together as union women to scream ‘ENOUGH!’. We demand change. Join us in our fight for a future where every one of us is safe, equal and respected.  Take the pledge and get involved.


And to our male comrades – equality isn’t just a women’s issue, it’s everyone’s responsibility. We ask you to play your part and stand with us.